Partial Withdrawal Process

Students requesting a Partial WE will need to provide clarification and supporting documentation as to why they are only pursing a course withdrawal verses a full-term withdrawal. Partial WE requests are submitted on the students behalf through an Academic Petition to the Associate Dean of the students college.

Below are the steps that a student needs to take to start the process of a partial withdrawal with extenuating circumstances:

  • Discuss your intent with your academic advisor
  • Fill out the request to withdraw form (links below)
  • Gather and submit supporting documentation to the Office of Student Assistance and Support Services. View information on supporting documentation  Students are responsible for finding the right version of the forms.  We are accepting the "Revised July 2019" version which can be found on our withdrawal wesbite.

Submit a Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (some of your classes)  THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A WITHDRAWAL FOR EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES FOR SUMMER 2 2019 HAS PASSED.

Please Note: Student Assistance and Support Services only handles current term withdrawal with extenuating circumstances (WE) requests! Students wanting a WE for a previous term must submit an academic petition through their Banner Self Service account.