What is a Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances?

A Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances is for students who are unable to complete their coursework for the current term due to a circumstance that may include, but not be limited to:

Personal/Family Emergency:

Death in the family to include significant other, child, sibling, parent, grandparent(s) and/or request to care for a seriously ill child or other immediate family member.

Personal Hardship:

Homelessness, divorce, fire and/ or flooding of residence.

Medical/Mental Health Emergency:

Situations due to medical and/or psychological circumstances. 

Military Orders:

For students who are ordered to report to any circumstance surrounding military duty (active duty, training etc...).

Students who request a full withdrawal with extenuating circumstances specifically after the Withdrawal deadline has passed must be able to show why they did not use their withdrawal credits.

Reasons which do not meet criteria:

  • poor performance in coursework
  • not wanting to use the 16 self withdrawal credits
  • missed deadlines
  • change of major
  • jury duty
  • dropping courses to avoid failing grades
  • deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are overwhelming
  • job responsibilities/opportunities
  • probationary standing
  • financial trouble
  • involved in a legal situation as a defendant