All students who are approved for a withdrawal with extenuating circumstance may be subject to fees and/or charges via housing, dining and/or financial. It is the students responsibility to communciate directly with these offices to asses what charges may be assigned. Students are responsible for 100% of any fees/charges.

A Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances is for students who are unable to complete their coursework for the current term due to a circumstance that may include, but not be limited to:

Personal/Family Emergency:

Death in the family to include significant other, child, sibling, parent, grandparent(s) and/or request to care for a seriously ill child or other immediate family member.

Personal Hardship:

Homelessness, divorce, fire and/ or flooding of residence.

Medical/Mental Health Emergency:

Situations due to medical and/or psychological circumstances. 

Military Orders:

For students who are ordered to report to any circumstance surrounding military duty (active duty, training etc...).

Students who request a full withdrawal with extenuating circumstances specifically after the Withdrawal deadline has passed must be able to show why they did not use their withdrawal credits.

Reasons which do not meet criteria:

  • poor performance in coursework
  • not wanting to use the 16 self withdrawal credits
  • missed deadlines
  • change of major
  • jury duty
  • dropping courses to avoid failing grades
  • deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are overwhelming
  • job responsibilities/opportunities
  • probationary standing
  • financial trouble
  • involved in a legal situation as a defendant

The Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances request is reviewed by the Withdrawal Committee which is made up of various campus partners. Decisions are made once the request form is submitted along with supporting documentation and the student has had consultation with the Withdrawal Advisor.

Please refer to the Health Eval. The medical provider must fill this out completely and fax it to the Dean of Students office. At times it may be appropriate for a separate letter of support to be included.

Yes. This is a Partial Withdrawal. Please note though, you will need to provide clarification and supporting documentation as to why you are only pursing a course withdrawal verses a full-term withdrawal.

A Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances request form must be completed by the student and submitted with the proper documentation to the Student Assistance and Support Services Office before the last day of classes for the semester. Requests are not processed once classes have ended.

Students are encouraged to still attend their classes to the best of their abilities if they are still physically able to. In the event a student's request is denied, their current grade will remain in place. Students will need to discuss with their medical providers if they are well enough to continue attending until the student's case is reviewed.

An Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances does not guarantee your spot in your program. It is up to each individual major / program to decide about readmitting students who have been granted a Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances. It is highly encouraged that you speak to your academic advisor and/or department regarding a withdrawal and any possible implications it may have. If you are in graduate school, it is also encouraged that you inquire directly with the Graduate School on how a withdrawal may affect your standing.

Our office notifies the Registrar’s Office who then processes the withdrawal. We notify all the appropriate parties such as Dining Services, University Housing, your faculty, academic advisor and the Associate Dean of your college of your withdrawal. We recommend that students follow-up with each of these offices before the withdrawal application and documentation is submitted.

A tag on a student’s records for students who are approved for a full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances in order to prevent them from returning to school before sufficient documentation is provided indicating that they are well enough to return.

You will need to petition to return through the Dean of Students Office. You will first need to contact the Withdrawal Advisor within the Dean of Students Office about your intent to return. You will also need to submit supporting medical documentation from your provider that shows you have been following your treatment plan and that you are cleared to return to school. Please click here for more information and to find the appropriate forms. If you are approved to return, the tag will be lifted and you will be able to register for classes and/or apply for readmit through the appropriate Admissions Office.

No. A “WX” will show on your transcript, which is no different than if you had completed a self-withdrawal.

No. You will need to submit an Academic Petition through your student account which gets routed to the Associate Dean of your college.

Absolutely! Please call our main line at (704) 687-0289 to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director for Withdrawal Services. We strongly encourage that all students schedule an appointment versus walk-ins due to the high volume of cases.

Students are strongly encouraged to self-withdraw through their academic advisor and the Registrar's Office prior to the 60% mark. Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances requests are not processed after the last day of classes of the semester.