Academic Petition for Late Withdrawal

Late Withdrawal through Academic Petition

Academic Petition for Late Withdrawals are for students who wish to withdraw from a previous semester or after the withdrawal deadlines have passed.  Academic Petitions are housed directly in the student's Academic College. 

Academic Petitions are decided upon by the student's Academic Associate Dean of their college.  Please submit documentation directly to the Academic Associate Dean or on the Academic Petition form when filling it out.  Students will receive communication directly from their college about a decision when one is made. 

Note: It is the student's responsibility to make sure documentation gets to their Academic Associate Dean.

Please contact your Academic College for questions about your Academic Petition. 

Academic Petition Instructions

Submitting an Academic Petition online via (In Conjunction with Withdrawals after deadlines have passed).

Step 1: Log on

Step 2:  Click on Banner Self Service

Step 3: Click on tab the reads Student Service/ Student Account

Step 4: Click on Student Records

Step 5: Locate and click on Academic Petition- Undergraduate or Graduate

Step 6: From the Drop-down Menu choose reason for Academic Petition

Step 7: Provide detailed narrative and upload supporting documentation

Step 8: Click submit and your petition will be forwarded to the Associate Dean of your academic college.