I'm thinking of withdrawing from the University. Where do I start?

Need some advice? Need someone to help you identify alternatives? If you are considering withdrawing from the University, a good first point-of-contact is your academic advisor.  In addition, the Student Assistance and Support Services Office assists students experiencing circumstances beyond their control requiring their withdrawal from classes for the current term.  Students considering withdrawing from courses for extenuating reasons can contact the Student Assistance and Support Services office at 704-687-0289.

What are my options for a withdrawal with extenuating circumstances (WE)?

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal (must get prior approval through a request process): a partial (single course withdrawal) or full withdrawal (all classes) for students who are unable to complete their coursework for the semester due to an unforeseen circumstance. Review which circumstances qualify for a WE.

Students are responsible for adhering to deadlines regarding the Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances process. It is important to meet posted deadlines to ensure full and timely consideration of request.

Once you are ready to begin the process for a Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances, please start by completing one of the following request forms:

Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances

Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances


requests that do not meet criteria:


If the student submits a Full Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances request and it does not meet criteria, the student will be emailed to Self-Withdraw from their classes in their Banner Self Service using their withdrawal credits.  If the student does not have sufficient withdrawal credits or the Self-Withdrawal Deadline has passed, they will need to submit an Academic Petition to their academic college which is also found in Banner Self Service.